Ways to removing spots

Beer – wash id warm water, mixed with alcohol (1 table-spoon for ½ liters)
Coffee – immediately wash off with the cold water, and then wash in usual mode.
Resin – clean the fresh spot with benzene or trichlorethylene.  Soften the dried up spot with oil or butter, then wash.
Chocolate - wash the spot with water. Dried up spot – mix 10 grams of boric soap with a liter of water and wash the spot.
Fruits: the white fabric – use the whitener, colour fabric – use lemon acid or lemon juice with salt.
Ice cream – wash the fresh spot with cold water. Wash the dried up spot with the mix of boric soap (10 g. for 1 l. of water)
Liqueur – wash with the mix of warm water with liquid.
Tomatoes - wash the fresh spot with the mix of warm water with liquid. Clean the dried up spot with hydrogen peroxide and liquid.
Perfume – moisten with hydrogen peroxide, wash with water and vinegar.
Lipstick – wash with soapy water or with the mix of water and whitener. You can also blot it with moistened in benzene tampon or with hydrogen peroxide.
Rust spots – wash the cotton with warm lemon juice.  
Blood – wash in cold or warm water with wine acid.
Sweat spots – clean with the moistened in water with ammonia tampon; wash with distilled the water and ammonia or with the mix of 3 parts of alcohol and 3 parts of ammonia, then clean with moistened in water and ammonia tampon.
Iodine spots – clean with moistened in liquid tampon.
Moisture spots – wash in water with the including of one tea-spoon of liquid and a tea-spoon of salt. Leave to drying on air.
Egg spot – wash in cold water with soap or in cold water with liquid.
Paint – put the dry cloth under the spot and blot with moistened in ether and turpentine, moisture the dried up spot with oil.
Grass – wash the cotton with lemon juice and salt, air it under the sun. Wash the silk with hydrogen peroxide (2% mix). Drip some liquid drops on the spot.
Wax, paraffin – carefully take off the rest of wax with the blunt knife and then iron the cloth between the layers of the blotter (place the wrong side of the cloth to the up during this). Then wash.
Red wine – strew the fresh spot with salt and wash.
Chewing gum, sticking plaster – put a piece of ice for hardening. Then take off the hardened rest, place the spot on the blotter and rub from the wrong side with the piece of cotton wool moistened  in benzene, alcohol or acetone.
Fat, butter,  margarine – place the cloth on the blotter and wipe from the wrong side with cotton wool, moistened in benzene or alcohol, and dry. Then wet and wash.