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Recommendations, tips on caring for bed linen: washing, drying, ironing

Sleeping on beautiful bed linen, what can be better for quiet, pleasant dreams?
Even the most qualitative bed linen requires caring. Then the bed linen will be in use for a long time, preserving its aesthetic appearance.
It is recommended to manually wash new bed linen in cold water  in order to provide the maximal comfort of its use in future.
It is necessary to turn the bed linen  inside out, during the preparing it to washing. It is better to change the bed linen each week , in this case it will be possible to use more sparing mode for its washing, and this means, that it will serve longer.
It is necessary to divide the bed linen  by colour and temperature regime.
Do not wash the bed linen made from cotton together with wares made of polyester or any other synthetic material – it will lose its softness and tenderness, because the synthetic fibers hook up the natural fibers, raising the inner nap.
Use the washing powder only for coloured  linen, or soft alkaline detergents, not containing chlorine. Do not use whitener, because it negatively acts on colour and fabric.
The optimal temperature of cotton washing  is  40-50 0C. It is sufficient to destroy all the microbes on the linen.
It is necessary to remember, that it is recommended to follow the limitations by weight and not to “load” the reel a lot during the automatic washing. Because the linen must have the possibility for uniform falling while the reel rotates. This provides an effective careful washing,  light rinsing and wringing.
Dry the linen right away after the washing. In case of using the machine drying use the delicate mode.  Many people prefer to air the bed linen outdoors: it will gain an unexampled fresh aroma under the sun and on frost day. It will be better to turn the bed linen inside out before airing it under the sun.
Ironing is an important process too,  in which you must know some details and tricks. The cotton looks wet from face, and, if there is an embroidery on the fabric, then it better to iron it from back side.
All the wears, made of natural fabrics, can naturally shrinks a bit after the washing – from 2% to 6%,  this is taken in account in the bed linen dimensions.