Cotton mill building in Baranovichi started in 1960 in accordance with the Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Belarus and Council of Ministers of BSSR dated from 30 August 1958. 

      December 20, 1963 66,000 spinning spindles were put into operation ahead of time. In December 1965 the second spinning factory was put into operation, in August 1966 - a weaving factory, and in November 1969 the introduction of finishing production facilities was completed.

The mill included:
• Spinning production No.1 (estimated capacity: 111008 spinning and 17280 twisting spindles) The production manufactured yarn for sale: one-throw and twist yarn for knitting factories. 
• Spinning production No.2 (estimated capacity: 132568 spindles)
• Weaving production (estimated capacity: 3890 weaving looms)
• Finishing production (estimated capacity: 65,3 millions square meters of finished fabrics a year)
    3 productions: spinning production No.2, weaving and finishing productions were indicated for finished fabrics output: calico, sateen, flannel and other bleached, uni-dyed and printed cotton fabrics supplied to sewing factories and for retail trade.
    In September 1970 the mill was awarded the title of Lenin`s Komsomol of Belarus by Council of Ministers of BSSR. Since that time the mill was called Baranovichi Cotton Mill of the title of Lenin`s Komsomol of Belarus. 
    With purpose of management structure improvement and for execution of the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of BSSR No.292 dated from 11.08.1980 Baranovichi cotton Mill of the title of Lenin`s Komsomol of Belarus was transformed into Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation by the Order of the Ministry of Light Industry of BSSR No.233 dated from 28.08.1980.
    The amalgamation included three factories: spinning factory No.1, spinning factory No.2, weaving factory and finishing production. The finishing production was further transformed into finishing factory. 
    The employees of the amalgamation were awarded the order of the Labor Red Banner for the successful performance of the 10th five-year plan tasks for cotton fabrics output increase and high labor efficiency achievement by the Order of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR dated from the 18th of March 1981.
    25 of June 1997 the Presidium of the Concern "Bellegprom" approved the "Program of financial and economic recovery of Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation for 1997-1998" that presupposed the restructuring and structural adjustment of the amalgamation. In accordance with the program 01.07.1997 the spinning factory No.2 and weaving factory were united into one spinning and weaving factory. Since 01.08.1997 the spinning factory No.1 was given the status of a legal entity with a separate balance, bank account, Charter, but in the construction of the amalgamation. Since 01.04.2000 the spinning factory No.1 was joined back to the amalgamation with keeping only a single bank account. 
    18 of October 2000 BCPA was registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs as Republican Unitary Enterprise "Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation" (RUE "BCPA"). 
    In order to implement the protocol of orders of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus A.V. Kobyakov No. 07/45 dated from 08.08.2000 "On the review of the financial position of Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation and taking the necessary measures to improve it, as well as on improving the work efficiency of the amalgamation" since 1 January 2001 the following changes in the structure of the amalgamation were performed: spinning factory No.1 was attached to the spinning passage of the spinning and weaving factory with the creation of a single structural unit - spinning and weaving factory. Since 2005 the spinning factory No.1 was liquated.

Since 01.05.2001 on the basis of the existing sewing shops a sewing production was established.

    For the period of 2006 – first half 2010 there were developed about 250 new samples of fabric: more than 500 of new designs for all groups of fabric. 
    Furthermore, in accordance with the State program of import substitution (2008-2009 years) fabrics with sateen weave were developed for luxurious bed linen made of high-quality combed yarn. The range expansion of this kind of fabric is being held up to the present time. 
    In December 2011 Republican Unitary Enterprise was reorganized into Open Joint Stok Company "Baranovichi Cotton Production Amalgamation". 
    In the present time the company is equipped with the contemporary import equipment providing the production of fabrics which meet the taste of any customer. The steady growth of consumer demand makes the staff of the company improve the production continuously, create new designs and fabric structures, considering the demands of the time and the dynamics of changes in demand.